Tuesday, April 29, 2014

People ask me, "What's There To Do in Mesquite???"


In case anyone noticed, it's been awhile since I've added anything to my blog, Only in Mesquite.  And there's good reason for the absence.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to attend all the local events, conduct business and keep up with my blog page and other social media sites.  Something has to give... so I chose to attend as many fun events as I could all while conducting business and being on-call.  On-call, you ask?  Why yes... I'm a Realtor. On-Call 24/7... call, text, email... I'm at your service.             

Ok, so back to the purpose of this post.       

Yesterday, while browsing through the newsfeed of my facebook page, Go Mesquite   http://facebook.com/GoMesquite  I found this interesting article written by Clay Hunter.  The title grabbed me... "Is There Anything Interesting to See or Do Between Las Vegas and Zion?" *

My immediate thought was,  Uhhh yeah!...  Mesquite is that spot between Las Vegas and Zion and I'm worn out from all the interesting things to see and do here. 

I'm happy that Mesquite was mentioned in Clay's article but there's so much more to Mesquite than just three sentences. 

So, if you're wondering, "What's There to DO in Mesquite," join my facebook page, Go Mesquite http://facebook.com/GoMesquite and watch for upcoming events and attractions in Mesquite and what's happening between Las Vegas and Zion.   

Oh, and a reminder... On-Call 24/7 - Buy or Sell,  I'm here for all your real estate needs.